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Bring on the USMLE Step 2 CK / COMLEX Level 2 CE & clinical rotations. Goodbye USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1. Congratulations to all of the medical students who just took the first of 3 required USMLE/COMLEX medical licensing exams. Rest up for your medical clerkships in your third year clinical rotations. Thank you for all of your who have tried out and/or bought Scrub Wars’ preclinical medical boards edition. Though you are halfway to becoming an MD statistically, it’s now going to feel like you are only 25% done. There are many well-publicized challenges about the third year in medical school where you focus on patient care in your medical clerkships. These include decreased sleep, unstructured work hours, knowing little/feeling stupid, difficult shelf exams, challenging rounding presentations, and the most dreaded of all… public pimping by your attendings, often designed to teach you by degrading your self-esteem. You may not know if these attendings will even contribute to your clerkship evaluations when the rotation is over, but the public humiliation in front of your classmates can range from humbling to downright horrifying. You need to show your attendings that you are prepared, intelligent, knowledgeable, and quick when asked these pimping questions. Unfortunately, most clinical study guides and apps prepare you by practicing clinical vignettes or rehashing your second year in a boring manner.

Med students- we heard you when you wanted a fresh fun way to reinforce what you learned for the USMLE, COMLEX, and AIPMGEE medical board exams. Once again, we heard you (through social media, feedback emails, and through exhibitor conferences at AAMC & AMSA) that you need to study high yield board facts as well as clinical pearls to consolidate what you are learning on the wards. We are creating Scrub Wars medical study apps for your clinical clerkships. Up to this point, surgery has been released (1000 questions for $9.99, try 20% of the app for free,

By July 2015, we expect to release Scrub Wars pimping apps for your other clinical rotations:
family practice

Study for your shelf exams or pimping prep in between patients, before rounds, or in study groups with friends. More details to follow. Good luck in Third Year. The Peyronie Attending is waiting for you.


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