About Us

Scrub Wars® is a dynamic and exciting medical gaming app designed for medical students to master their medical board (USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, COMLEX Level 1, COMLEX Level 2, and AIPGMEE) and course exams (i.e. pharmacology, microbiology, physiology, pathology, and more) as well as pimping on the wards (3rd year clinical rotations, 4th year medical clerkships, internship, and residency). Through an exciting spaceship shooter game platform, Scrub Wars® only emphasizes the information needed to pass your exams. Scrub Wars® promotes the reinforcement of vital facts by taking advantage of micro-learning strategies. Our game is specially designed for you to study for your medical boards in the few short moments in your day where it would be nearly impossible (or massively inconvenient) to study like you normally would do (i.e. in between lectures, while waiting for rounds to star, and of course, the most underutilized study habitat and your fortress of solitude…the toilet). Studying a minute here and there can help you salvage a half hour to an hour of pure study time that normally would have been wasted. Ideal for individualized group study.

Succeed and get encouraged by your mentor, the Benevolent Attending. He really wants you to succeed and is pulling for you 100% of the time. Fail and get mocked by your nemesis, the Peyronie Attending. He yearns for your academic demise and will do everything in his power to sabotage and annihilate your professional dreams.

Scrub Wars® is NOT a stand-alone medical board test prep program and it doesn’t pretend to be one. We know the boards are full of vignettes and we purposely don’t have any. Scrub Wars® are like test prep steroids…infusing you with that extra psychological boost to get you that “Eye of the Tiger”…that edge…to drastically reduce recall times and catapult your confidence into the stratosphere so you can crush your exams.

We don’t do the heavy lifting you still have to do to learn your medical material the hard way (i.e. attending lethargic lectures, reviewing arduous medical textbooks, and by cranking out strenuous vignette after vignette), but we build your confidence by helping you realize that you actually know the stuff you’ve been learning. Trust us, if you don’t use Scrub Wars®, there’s a med student right now somewhere in the country eyeing your future intern slot at your dream residency, studying tirelessly round-the-clock, and playing Scrub Wars® to gain an incredible advantage over you. Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory because you lost your legal edge! Go on and “cheat” the boards by mobilizing valuable time you never thought you had. Download Scrub Wars® today!

Meet the Crew

The Peyronie Attending

The Peyronie Attending is the smartest and most accomplished doctor in the world. No other doctor in history can match his board and course scores. He also has the highest number of first-authored research publications and presentations since these types of records were kept. He even did the most of his 3rd year surgeries and procedures practically on his own and was treated like junior faculty with tenure during medical school. Though he’s a neurosurgeon by training, he’s the only doctor in history that actually practices and has published in every field of medicine.

Simply put:

“He’s the best doctor there is, the best doctor there was, and he best doctor there will ever will be.”


The Benevolent Attending

The Benevolent Attending is an internationally renowned and the most revered physician in the United States. An emergency medicine physician by training, the Benevolent Attending has received international acclaim by authoring over a dozen inspirational best-sellers. Legend has it that, his positive energy and effervescence aura in conjunction with his complete mastery of the scientific side of medicine, has been vital in helping patients in overcoming their battles with their conditions, even in the bleakest circumstances.

Though universally revered by all medical students, he focuses on mentoring “under-served” medical students. By “under-served,” he means those students in the bottom 25% of their class, who are often unfairly mislabeled as inferior and incompetent medical students compared to the rest of their class. He is famously known for saying:
Gunners get all the attention and accolades. The bottom 25% are often those who learn slowly or are poor test takers, but are still very diligent and have the capability to be astounding physicians. Outside of curing diseases, helping restore the confidence and increasing the board scores of these often overlooked students provide me the greatest joy in my career.

The Teaching Attending

Your Teaching Attending is the youngest assistant professor in internal medicine at your hospital who is enthusiastic about teaching you about the salient clinical pearls you need to know to be an excellent physician. Having finished her residency just three years ago, she’s young enough to know what it is like to be a med student yet experienced enough to teach you the vital facts you need to know to pass your boards.

She’s often the first attending to arrive (even pre-rounds with med students) and the last attending to leave the wards (sometimes later than the residents). A dedicated and energetic physician, your Teaching Attending always goes the extra mile for her patients and is beloved by all the clinical staff. Right now, we have hired her to review the key take-home points after level 1 only to see if her teaching methods (in her calm, soothing voice) are a good fit for you. Let us know if you find her teaching methods helpful. Go to her Facebook page and let her know if she’s helpful or what she can do to be better. Trust us, as a young doctor and working mother (has a one year old son), she needs the moonlighting gigs to support her family, especially since her husband was just laid off as an executive in a marketing firm.