The Benevolent Attending (BA) and Peyronie Attending have agreed to answer the most commonly asked questions about Scrub Wars. More questions will be added as we get more feedback. Remember, you can email the company directly within the app itself when you have questions or detect problems as well as from this website.
Peyronie Attending

  • What tests/courses will Scrub Wars feature?
    BA- For the preclinical medical students (M1/M2), our initial version of Scrub Wars will focus on helping students excel on the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 Board Exams. Additionally, we will release M1/M2 course-specific clones of Scrub Wars (including, but not limited to, pharmacology, pathology, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, etc.).
    PA- For the clinical students (M3/M4), we will release my specially-branded pimping editions that will consist of high-yield pimping questions commonly used in your M3 and M4 rotations. These are questions I use to make students like you cry and quit medicine. The first edition will feature questions for the surgery and ER rotations. Future editions will focus on pediatrics, OBGYN, psychiatry, internal medicine, family practice, and neurology. Trust me, my pimpin’ ain’t easy.
  • How is Scrub Wars a different study tool than my other board study tools?
    PA-We coined the term “test prep steroids” to imply that you still study your ass off in your classes, wards, and practice test questions, but you will solidify what you learned on your own by playing Scrub Wars (and, thus, improve your confidence). Remember those baseball players who used steroids? Well, I bet you couldn’t hit all those homeruns on steroids. They did because they had talent and worked their butt off. Essentially, they went from great to epic. If you don’t study, these mental steroids aren’t going to help you at all. You need to be tenacious and diligent. Come in great and leave epic. Otherwise, don’t play my game!
  • What is gamification, microlearning, and spaced repetition?

    BA- Gamification is learning by playing a game. We get it. Learning through lectures, case studies, and reading medical text is arduous and boring. By having you play an exciting space shooter arcade-style video game, it makes learning more fun and less boring. Plus, you’ll get to stick it to the Peyronie Attending. The more he mocks you, the more you’ll want to stick it to him. Play Scrub Wars by yourself or with your study partners (i.e. by projecting the game on a TV or a screen in an empty classroom).

    Microlearning is studying high yield material in short bursts of time, which makes studying very efficient. In med school, we know most of your day is occupied with class, studying, and shadowing other doctors.
    You barely have time to eat, check your email, go to the bathroom, and sleep. Sometimes, all you have are a few spare minutes of time here and there (i.e. on the bus, in line, between classes, etc.). Normally, these are not high yield study times. Much like anatomical dead space in the lungs, these small pockets of time exist in life, but are not high yield study times. By playing Scrub Wars when you have a few spare moments, we help you make use of the dead space in your day and turn it into potent study periods. This is meant to compliment and crystalize the hours and hours of studying you put in each day. At the same time, you squeezed in some valuable study time in your day when you didn’t think you had any more time to study.

    Spaced repetition refers to strategically reinforcing certain key concepts by staggering questions in a way that promote retention. Within each level of Scrub Wars, there are core concepts that specifically picked out for review. Questions within that level will feature key facts about each concept throughout the level (but reinforce different aspects of that concept). Therefore, you will have a better grasp of the material overall.

    PA- Your most wasted time of the day is in on the toilet and shower (if you do keep up with your ADLs). You probably spend an hour each day in there. Play Scrub Wars on the crapper to make use of this dead time. They will be the most high-yield urination and defecation episodes of your life. Plus, buy an iPad cover and play the game in the shower. Everyone studies in med school, but this is studying smart and being ultra-efficient. Just wash your hands and wipe your tablet with a disinfectant wipe when your done so you don’t spread E. coli to the rest of us.

  • Are these actual board-style questions?

    BA- Yes and no.
    Yes- The content is the same as taught in your M1/M2 courses. They are similar like the free-standing questions you will encounter. At the same time, you need to know certain facts when answering vignette questions. The more confident you are about the facts you know and the more knowledge you have, the quicker and more accurately you will be able to answer the vignette.

    No- We don’t have board-style vignettes. Most of our questions are based on both rote memorization and basic concepts you need to understand in your subjects. We do have several mini-vignettes and emphasize the concepts as well as patterns that are most likely going to be tested on your exams. In short, we help you with the subject part of test taking. You are responsible for doing practice test vignettes and higher end analytical data analysis. Testing you with complex questions would not go well with a microstudy app and the game wouldn’t be fun (you have only about five seconds to answer each question as opposed the 30-60 seconds you need to answer most vignettes).

  • How Come You Don’t Have Answer Explanations?
    PA- You want me to wipe your ass too? These are rapid review questions on topics you should already know. If you need full explanations for these questions, that means a) you suck as a med student b) you won’t do well on your medical boards and c) you’ll never make it to third year.  I’m the most highly regarded doctor and actively practice in every field in medicine (from neurosurgery to psychoanalysis). You’re lucky I donated my time to help you reinforce high yield facts. Do the questions quickly and don’t complain about explanations.  All I’ll give you are a high yield review of the facts just tested IF you are smart enough to pass a level.
  • Who is the game aimed at?
    BA- While gunners can benefit (but then again they do well not matter what they study), the game is designed to help improve the retention rates and confidence of slow learners and students who are at or below the mean. These students often work their tail off and make excellent clinicians, but this does not show up on the stat sheet (transcripts). We want these students to return to prominence as well.
  • Will I get high Board Scores by Studying Your App Alone?
    PA- No, of course not. These are test prep steroids. This means you still have to study your butt off on your own time and in class to learn this stuff. We specialize in helping you reinforce what you already learned.
  • You are an incredibly smart attending and so incredibly accomplished. Can I work with you in the future?
    PA-My butt is for sitting and not for kissing. Brown-nosing doesn’t work here. No, you can’t work with me. I’m the best doctor there is, the best doctor there was, and the best doctor there ever will be. If you try to impress me with that weak pickup line, then you’re not a “has-been”, but a pathetic “never-was.”