• Interesting and helpful for grasping high yield facts for USMLE.–Dr. Naveed - Attending

  • It is excellent! I even had a few questions from the demo on one of my class exams already… It covers all subjects, you can do it by subject or you can do a general review. Highly recommend!–Brad S - 2nd year med student

  • The Scrub Wars App for USMLE Exam is very much useful for reinforcing High Yield information. I enjoyed playing this game and at the same time revised material quickly. I highly recommend this app for medical students and doctors for their exams.–Dr. Kumar - Attending

  • Yo, this is DOPE!–ZDoggMD - Internist, CEO of Turntable Health, Medical Rapper

  • This is going to be favorite app to learn high yield medical questions! Very fun to play. Funny comments after level. Easy to remember.–Eugene - 2nd year medical student

  • It’s very comprehensive and the pick-it-up-at-any-moment nature of the game made it easy to play when you’d normally be doing nothing.–Nat F. - 2nd year med student

USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1

Review high yield board facts from your preclinical courses in subject & mixed review format. Complete app has 3,000 questions & first level is completely free!

Surgery Rotation

Arm yourself with high yield surgical pimping answers as well as a jumpstart on studying for the surgery clerkship shelf exam. Complete app has 1,000 questions (over 20% of the app is free and you can sample every topic!).

Neurology Rotation

If you complete this app early in your neurology rotation , you won’t get vertigo when your attending tries to humiliate you or when taking the neurology clerkship shelf exam. Complete app has 500 questions (over 20% of the app questions are free and you can sample each neuroscience topic!). Coming Soon!

ER Rotation

Just like the real ER, all questions are randomized and come from every discipline in medicine. Ideal for defense against pimping from ER or any other attending in med school. Complete app has 1,000 questions (over 20% of the app is free!). Coming Soon!



  • Hilarious–Med App Review

  • Fun and Educational–John B. Jones


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