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Expedient Review Apps for Medical & Nursing Students

Scrub Wars® is the only video game to help you study for your medical boards (USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2) & survive ward pimping in medical clerkships. Consolidate high yield board facts by playing our space shooter game in places you normally would not study (i.e. in line, between classes, or on the toilet!).

Benefits for Students


  • Improve Memory of High Yield Facts
  • Review Quickly – Green is Right, Red is Wrong. No Vignettes. No Explanations.
  • Complement to Study Guides/Courses
  • Study Anywhere
  • Research-proven learning strategies (spaced repetition & gamification)
  • Confidence Will Soar in Classes, Exams, & Wards

Available Topics

USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1

3,000 questions

Our best selling and most comprehensive app

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Preclinical Basic Science

Rapidly review basic science from your first and second years of medical school to supercharge your memory of high-yield facts to maximize your USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1 board scores. Try 50 questions for free! Complete app has 1,000 questions.


Retain more & forget less by playing a video game to supercharge your memory while reviewing physiology. Try 50 questions for free! Rapidly review high-yield physiology topics by playing this exciting space shooter app that gamifies learning so your studying is more efficient & productive. Complete app has 1,000 questions.

Histology & Biochemistry

Retain more & forget less by playing a video game to supercharge your memory while reviewing histology & biochemistry. Rapidly review high-yield histology & biochemistry topics by playing this exciting space shooter app that gamifies learning so your studying is more efficient & productive. Try 50 questions for free! Great prep for the USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1. Complete app has 1,050 questions.


Review high yield pharmacology content by playing a video game. Try the first level (50 questions) for free! Questions written/edited by practicing physicians, residents, and students (medical, graduate, undergraduate). Ideal Complement to any study regimen for any student taking pharmacology courses or the various licensing/board exams.

Surgery Rotation

Surgery is the most difficult clinical rotation in medical school and surgeons ask the hardest questions. Retain more & forget less by playing our rapid review video game to supercharge your memory during your surgery rotation. Try 50 questions for free! Complete app has 1,000 questions.

ER Rotation

Relevant for a rapid review of content from your ER rotations in medical school or residency including topics for your board exams (USMLE Step 2 CK, COMLEX Level 2 CE, PANCE), clerkship tests (ER shelf exams), and ward pimping (ER docs ask the most diverse pimping questions out of any rotation. Complete app has 1,000 questions.

Neurology & Clinical Gross Neuroanatomy

The most efficient way to review most commonly pimped questions by neurologists, study for your neurology shelf exam, and even help review content for the USMLE (Step 2 CK and Step 3) as well as COMLEX (Level 2 CE and Level 3) medical. Play a fun video game in order to prepare for your neurology rotation. Try 50 questions for free!

Scrub Wars® Franchise

  • Launched in 2014 by a triple board-certified physician
  • New MedEd apps scheduled to be released in 2018
  • Over 100,000 downloads
  • Very popular at the 2014 and 2015 AMSA Annual meetings, the 2014 & 2015 UC Davis Pre-Health Expo, and the 2013 Adobe Learning Summit (among students, professors, physicians, teaching administrators, parents, & gaming experts).

What Users Say About Scrub Wars®

Interesting and helpful for grasping high yield facts for USMLE.

Dr. Naveed – Attending

It is excellent! I even had a few questions from the demo on one of my class exams already… It covers all subjects, you can do it by subject or you can do a general review. Highly recommend!

Brad S. – 2nd year med student

The Scrub Wars App for USMLE Exam is very much useful for reinforcing High Yield information. I enjoyed playing this game and at the same time revised material quickly. I highly recommend this app for medical students and doctors for their exams.

Dr. Kumar – Attending

Yo, this is DOPE!

ZDoggMD – Internist, CEO of Turntable Health, Medical Rapper

This is going to be favorite app to learn high yield medical questions! Very fun to play. Funny comments after level. Easy to remember.

Eugene – 2nd year medical student

It’s very comprehensive and the pick-it-up-at-any-moment nature of the game made it easy to play when you’d normally be doing nothing.

Nat F. – 2nd year med student

As Featured In

“It is conceivable that video game learning may soon become a more mainstream component of medical education.”
Cited Scrub Wars as part of the paradigm shift in medical education from classroom-based learning to “gamifying learning in medical school.”
“Scrub Wars is a great educational game that is a must have for every student of medicine. It can refresh students’ knowledge, give them confidence, enable them to learn in an entertaining way and at unconventional locations.”
“This app puts the emphasis on education. All questions focus only on facts and in that way this app will serve you as an addition to your current studying program. It will help you to be more focused and to increase your skills and knowledge about medicine.”
“…answering the game’s rapid-fire questions — delivered through a spaceship shooter game — helps students build confidence to answer the tough “pimping” questions they will encounter from surgeons on the wards…”
“This app was created by a group of medical students at Johns Hopkins with the goal of approaching question banks in a different way…their questions are reviewed by a Clinical Advisory Board with professors from Hopkins, Harvard, WashU, among others.”
Scrub Wars uses “gamicifcation techniques (space shooter game) and spaced repetition (concepts purposely repeated strategically to promote long-term retention) to promote micro-learning (studying in small chunks of time in situations that are generally poor study conditions, such as waiting in line or in bed before sleeping) of high-yield material.”
“The games have received exceptional praise at multiple national conventions including the 2014/2015 AMSA Annual Meetings, 2014 AAMC Annual Meeting, 2014 Pre-Health Conference at UC Davis, and the 2013 DevLearn Expo.”
“As the title suggests, the app helps you answer questions related to your surgery clerkship. Before actually purchasing the app, you should use the LITE version of the app (we included the link), and try the section that is free first.”
“Ever wish you could make studying less tedious and more fun? This is the goal of Scrub Wars app for both the iPhone and iPad. With the Scrub App you will learn the USMLE Step 1 and the COMLEX Level 1 by playing a video game.”

Crush Your Medical Exams with Scrub Wars® Today!